Fairs/Trade mission


China is the factory of the world , offers fairs for any sector , in general or for a specific familly. Literally thousands of fairs are made every year in China.

Having permanent offices in China, you can contact us to attend any show in the whole year. We visited dozens of fairs annually by orders from our loyal customers , helping them with the demand for their products.

China also has huge markets with thousands of shops (called ” Wholesales Market” ) where you can buy almost any products from the factories with smaller orders and relly competitive prices , we always recommend to our clients to visit them to do a comparison of costs and as complement to the shows.

We will detail further infromation about one of the most important shows  in China and probably of the world , the ” Canton Fair “.

Also known as ” Fair Import and Export of China ” is simply the oldest and largest show, with the highest number of exhibitors from China, therefore , is the fair that offers the most complete range of items and receiving the largest quantity of visitors. The first edition was in 1957 , with two shows a year , in spring and autumn , in April 2014 reach the 115th edition , to get a better idea , let’s see some details of the last edition 114 º :

  • 1 160 000 m2 with 3 huge pavilions with 160 000 m2.
  • More than 20 000 manufacturers occupying nearly 60,000 stands.
  • It has an international pavilion with more than 300 foreign firms.
  • 203,000 buyers from 211 countries.
  • 127 000 buyers belonging to the World TOP 20 countries.
  • Estimated  turnover during the fair USD 260 million.

Definitely, any importer should attend to this fair, independently of the sector they are specialized. Next we will show the phases of the largest fair in the world:

  • Phase 1 (from 15 to 19 April)
    • Consumer Electronics.
    • Lighting Equipment.
    • Electronic and Electrical Products.
    • Household Electrical Appliances.
    • Building and Decorative Materials.
    • Tools .
    • Chemical Products.
    • Large Machinery & Equipment.
    • Hardware.
    • Small Machinery.
    • Construction Machinery.
    • Vehicle Spare Parts.
    • Motorcycles.
    • Bicycles & Vehicles.
    • International Pavilion.
  • Phase 2 (from 23 to 27 April)
    • Kitchenware & Tableware.
    • General Ceramics.
    • Household Items.
    • Toiletries .
    • Personal Care Products.
    • Clocks, Watches Optical Instruments.
    • Toys .
    • Gifts and Premiums.
    • Native Produce.
    • Art Ceramics.
    • Stone and Iron Products.
    • Weaving, Rattan and Iron Arts.
    • Festival Products.
    • Glass Artware.
    • Home Decorations.
    • Gardening Products.
    • Furniture.
  • Phase 3 (from 1 to 5 May )
    • Men and Womens Clothes .
    • Kids Wear.
    • Underwear .
    • Sports and Casual Wear.
    • Home Textiles.
    • Fashion Accessories and Fittings.
    • Furs,Leather,Downs Related Products.
    • Carpets Tapestries.
    • Textile Raw Materials and Fabrics.
    • Cases and Bags.
    • Office Supplies.
    • Shoes.
    • Medicines and Health Products.
    • Medical Devices.
    • Disposables and Dressings.
    • International Pavilion



Our goal is to make your perfect trade mission to meet the objectives. Whether your objective is our objective, here  the advantage of working with us :

  • Headquartered in China ( Hong Kong and Guangzhou) .
  • Offices in Mexico (DF ) and Spain ( Vigo) .
  • Translators , interpreters and choffers .
  • Management visas.
  • Book flights and hotels.
  • Team of Chinese , Mexican and European origin.
  • Languages: Chinese , Spanish , English and Portuguese .
  • Over 4 years of experience.
  • Close cooperation with travel agencies and consulates .
  • We know the Chinese industrial sector, language , culture , geography , how to negotiate and work of Chinese suppliers, with wide experience in quality control , trade missions and export to the European and Mexican market.

With the experience our team has, we can answer all your questions during the mission.

We invite you to try our services, to make your trade mission a success:

- Personalized service.
- Training before the show , it is very important to have a work plan before the trade mission .
- Professional service focused on export services in China.
- Wide experience in trade missions.
- Perfect synchronization between our offices.
- Custom packages for each event , so it is difficult to use a standard services package because each customer has different
requirements for the tarde mission.
- Emergency Support 24 hours.



Doing a preliminary work before the show to ensure everything is ready on arrival ,  we maintain contact with the client after returning to their origin country.

We are proud to serve and provide quality service , differentiated by our professional structure with varieties of services offered and the flexibility of our business to meet each client and / or project.

We can guarantee the success of your purchases in China.



Each trade mission is different in duration, transportation, flights, hotels , etc. . We do different budgets for each custumer, depending on your needs.

According to the Canton Fair , we have standard packages with flight and hotel included to facilitate the process to customers, or if you prefer , you can book the flight and hotel by your side, in this case , we will offer the services such:  guide , internal transfers , interpreters, choffers , negotiation , consulting, etc. .

The demand is very high and places are limited , we recommend closing your trade mission as soon as possible to avoid surprises like expensive flights, hotels full , etc.

All packages include:

- Economy Class Flights Mexico – China – Mexico , Spain – China – Spain , or from any country on demand .
- Room in a 4-star hotel with breakfast and internet included.
- Transfers airport- hotel- airport.
- Internal transfers .
- Travel insurance .
- Preparation of the agenda.
- Tickets for the show.
- Cell / Chinese cell .
- 24 hour support.

If you need that we recommend some trade shows related to your industry , please consult with us or you can visit the following link for more detailed information


We invite you to contact us via email , telephone or in person at any of our offices.