Our main value lies in the satisfaction of our customers so check throughout the process of manufacture and import, full transparency and honesty in our service.

Our goal is make your company more competitive by becoming your strategic partner in China, for this we have the next  services listed below.



Doing a study of viability for your product, providing all the necessary information about the cost of manufacture and import the goods in China, it make this  product more competitive. This process is completely customized:

-Search for products

Once we got the specifications about the product that our customer wants, we do an exhaustive search to select which suppliers meet our requirements.

-Analysis of suppliers

With a permanent team in China we can make audits to suppliers which our customers already works or wannabedins a business relationship, making sure they meet the requirements that our customers expect. We perform audits, negotiate payment terms, we seek the best trade deals, that is, we look for all the information that we need to choose the right provider.

-Economic analysis of import

We perform a detailed study of all the manufacturing costs of a product in China,  the cost of transportation / distribution, associated taxes (tariffs, VAT, ..) as well any other expenses related with product  and by this way you will have  all the detailed information about the processes of manufacture, export and undoubtedly the best way to avoid surprises.

-Product Analysis and samples management

We examine and analyze those products that our customers are interested. By dealing directly with suppliers, without any kind of intermediaries, checking that the products meet all the specifications that our customers expect and can quickly rule out those companies that do not meet them

We have a team of quality control which check throughout the process, is really important that the qualities that the supplier provides fitwith our client’s request.

Requesting samples, together with their technical specifications are delivered to our customers so they can verify that the product conforms perfectly to the requirements



It is essential to have a close management structure between customer and manufacturer, which will allow it to monitor and control all operations to minimize the risks.

Our team works with manufacturers to develop new products based on the design and specifications. OEMs, with our management method we can prepare samples, prototypes and molds, rapidly. . Our team consists in qualified engineers in order to transmit, the manufacturer, the technical specifications of the product. At the same time, trading costs and development times  following the production process.

We move to the supplier’s factory to make for quality control, way and methodology of it are previously defined according with the customer requirements. Quality control can be done before, during and / or after the manufacturing process.

We also coordinate and  make easy the logistics  from Asia to the final destination, working with the best logistics companies, either through amrítima or air.

Manage and negotiate the purchase method: prices, conditions and terms of payment (T / T, L / C, ..), delivery, make fast and safety the whole process, …
In case of last minute technical parameters changes,  misunderstandings, incidents or disputes, we advice to the supplier as  quickly as possible through the excellent coordination between our offices.We pass the technical and product quality sought, packaging, labeling, etc..

In turn, we still lookingbetter prices as well new suppliers and improving the conditions and the delivery times.

If is necessary, will request the information about each provider, such as: date of registration, capital, owners, suppliers of raw materials, the actual volume of turnover, total complaints, pending complaints, etc.., by this way we know in advance the seriousness of the supplier.”



To make quality control sampling of production. Our aim is that the goods arrive in perfect condition.

Quality control is pervious defined by the custumer in its methodology and scope. We offer four types of quality control:

  • Factory Audit Quality: It is done before the business relationship to ensure that the right supplier, verifying their characteristics (manufacturer, assembler, distributor, …)
  • Inspection during the manufacturing process: The quality control takes place when production is completed in 10-15% by controlling the manufacturing process and testing the finished product, fixing any issue if the situation is required, avoiding delays and errors in the product.
  • Inspection of the finished product: Control of the finished product to verify the parameters defined in the purchase order.
  • Container Load Control: Controlling the condition of the goods and container, and the loading process to check that the goods are not damaged during this process. Of course we pay much attention to the necessary documentation to avoid problems in any of the customs
  • Credit Report: It´s a complete report from government sources where we can provide all the information about the supplier like shareholders, registered capital, managers, latest balance economic, financial status, major customers and suppliers, etc.

Quality controls are performed using the statistical control AQL (Acceptable Quality Level), widely accepted internationally, that determines the quality of the total production initially defined reliability. AQL control methodology is contained in the standards: ISO2859-1 / ANSI / ASQC Z1.4 / BS 6001-1.

If desired, we can make a complete report of your samples in our office and then send it and so can accept that provider, in this way will reduce significantly the costs of shipments.



If you are planning a  business trip to China, we will provide all what you and your partners/custuemrs could need like:

-Transfers from/to airport

-Processing of their visa

-Reservation of hotel / apartment


-The use of our offices

-Visits to suppliers / customers.

-Any kind of  internal displacement.

-Visits to fairs and Wholesellermarkets

-Support for 24hrs to cover any problem

-In short, everything you need and all in a customized way.


If your company wants to enter in the Chinese market, with about 1300 million potential customers, we will give all our full potential in make that your business plans will have the maximum guarantee of success, this will require identifying, planning and manage the objectives set by the client. Below shows the most relevant points:

-If you look for a different infrastructure to our offices, we will search for it according to  your business requirements.

-Create and register companies, representative offices, registration of marks: We can also help you build your business, whether in China or Hong Kong, for that we can advise and start all legal procedures to make it much easier, fast and effective for your company. Just as  you want to register your brand and products